About Excel U

Program Background

The Educated Stars of Tomorrow (ESOT) Program was designed to support student athletes throughout the range of their athletic careers on and off the field.

Informative Content developed by successful stakeholders who have knowledge of the needs of students, student athletes and extra-curricular activity students – band leaders, coaches, parents, educators, and athletes based upon their excellence in the areas of developing scholar and scholar-athletes that have also become assets to their community as contributing citizens.

Excel U is one of the few University measured programs in the country that meet the needs of all three populations in school.

Correlation To Common Core Standards

  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Mathematics
  • History/Social Studies
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Scope and Sequence Examples

Excel U is in partnership with the
National Aeronautics
and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center

Leadership can be viewed in five areas of competency:

  1. Communication – public speaking/ writing, and engaging the participation of others.
  2. Teamwork – respecting others, performing roles of both leader and follower, building on strengths, and commitment to free group input and expression.
  3. Personal Identity – understanding the relationship between oneself and the community, pride in being a member of a larger group, awareness of areas for self-improvement, taking responsibility for one’s actions and the resulting consequences.
  4. Professionalism – demonstrating tactfulness, understanding protocols, appropriate dress and action given appraisal of context, delivering quality work, positively presenting oneself to others.
  5. Project Management – setting goals/ developing action steps, meeting facilitation, reflection, distinguishing between one’s interests and community needs.

The EXCEL U TECH Platform

A secured private online social network specifically designed to facilitate online interactions between teachers, students, coaches, student-athletes and parents. Users will have access to private group discussions, various digital libraries (video, articles, etc.)


The instructional materials for EXCEL U include:

  • Principal, Coach, Teacher, and Athletics Director Manual’s: Step by step instructions for delivering the content of each lesson with “Components of a Successful Program”- PowerPoint slide deck for each lesson, online technical support.
  • Student Play Book: Resources and worksheets to support student participation in the learning activities.
  • Online Social Media: Learning site provides extension and enrichment activities and allows student’s and coaches to interact through a social media format.

Evidence based curriculum evaluated by
University of Minnesota.

Qualifies For:

  • Tittle 1 Funding
  • Tittle 2 Funding
  • Tittle 9 Funding


The purpose of the Tutoring Study Table program is to provide students with a comfortable, interactive learning environment that will promote a high level of academic achievement and development

  • PARENT WORKSHOP I – This workshop covers a wide variety of subject matter designed to improve the behavior, academic performance and overall health of student-scholars and scholar-athletes.
  • PARENT WORKSHOP II – This workshop covers a wide variety of subject matter related to the improved behavior, academic performance and overall health of student- scholars and scholar- athletes and should be considered an add-on to Parent Workshop I.


The Excel U Health, Strength & Nutrition curriculum was designed to improve student performance in the areas of nutritional habits, speed, improved strength, agility, and explosion. The intention is to provide access to a quality strength and nutrition training program for all students with real-world practical applications