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About The Battle Ready Prayer

The Battle Ready Prayer is the culmination of several years of developing an intimate relationship with God. I became very fond of my prayer closet in which I surrendered my life to the Lord. I discovered so much in that closet, most importantly that the Lord is not a million miles away. I came to know Him on a personal level by simply communicating with Him and enjoying His presence. The first prayer He inspired me to do was for my new born son. My wife and I began praying for him when he was in her womb. The Lord told me the word had a life His own and to play the cd for him each night as he went to sleep. I began to shape his destiny by confessing the Word of God over his life. I did the same for my daughter and both children have an incredible love for God. Prayer helped me to understand God's faithfulness, His desire to have intimate fellowship with us, and the unquestionable power of His word.

Years later, He told me to saturate the world with prayer. As I sat down to compose a prayer, He gave me the exact words to say. It became The Battle Ready Prayer. He also impressed upon me that the cd was to be absolutely free. There were to be no barriers that would prevent people from experiencing His love. I had no idea how I was supposed to reach the world so I simply began giving the cd away. At times, when my faith was weak,



“My friend checked into a motel and called me to say good-bye before she killed herself. I somehow persuaded her to let me say good-bye in person. She let me in and I asked her to just listen to the prayer and then decide. I left in tears. An hour later she called and said that God had touched something deep inside of her through the prayer and she wanted to live.”

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“Through uncompromising books and complimenta ry Battle Ready Prayer CD’S, Gems From Joy Ministries is dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Your tax deductible donation will help us to reach people around the world who desire a more personal and meaningful relationship with God through the power of prayer. Thank you for your support and To God Be The Glory!”