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About Dr. Rema

Rema Reynolds is the founder and a senior consultant at Every Student Learning. Prior to launching Every Student Learning, an agency that partners and collaborates with clients on creating inclusive environments and highly engaged communities, Rema has served as a teacher, counselor, and administrator in schools serving culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse students and families.

As society continues to grow more diverse, adapting quickly is a must. Leaders across industries realize Rema’s talents, skills, and advocacy for underrepresented people are important. They increasingly rely on Rema for her creativity, sound strategy, insight, ability to focus on key objectives, and her experience to handle cultural change and promote diversity and inclusion. Her greatest accomplishments include facilitating the possibility for organizations to meet the increased demands of diverse environments and creating opportunities for people of color, women, immigrants, and LGBTQ people.

Rema Reynolds is an industry leader in race studies, K-12 education, and cross-cultural awareness and competence and is part of a cultural movement to make social and corporate environments more equitable, gender fair, diversified, and inclusive. In addition to working in and conducting research and analysis in these areas, Rema has published more than a dozen scholarly articles and chapters, as well as co-edited a book on race and justice. Her upcoming book on engaging underrepresented parents in schools will provide practical guides and strategies for parents and school officials.

Rema holds a PhD in Urban Schooling from UCLA and is the recipient of a number of other research grants and service awards including the Excellence in Teaching Award from Azusa Pacific University where she prepared aspiring counselors and leaders to work in global contexts. She has also lectured and researched at UCLA, UC Riverside, the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, and the University of Southern California, among other colleges and universities.

Rema often speaks and leads workshops and seminars on everything from diversity and culture to the role of schools in parent engagement through the lens of race, class, and gender. With more than a decade of teaching and leadership experience, Rema has also conducted professional development with new and developing school leaders and teachers who lead and teach in schools and districts across the country. She informs school improvement plans and curriculum choices, and helps educators develop the skills to authentically engage parents of diverse populations and create meaningful relationships with students. As a way of supporting, caring for, and respecting underrepresented students, Rema spent nearly ten years in California building parent engagement coalitions and engaging teachers on how to catalyze learning for all students so that they can be successful in school and in life.

Dr. Reynolds has appeared on public television and talk radio as a race and education expert and has contributed to local and national news media outlets such as the Burton Wire. Rema leads Twitter chats and webinars and has trained leaders across the globe in more than 20 countries including the UK, Ethiopia, China, Singapore, Haiti, Kenya, and Ghana on transformational leadership. Adding to her existing international presence, Rema joined HuffPost Live, a live-streaming network, as an expert guest for a discussion on criminal justice, education, and economic issues. She touched on the treatment of women by the justice system and deftly linked the issue to US schooling and the trouble with the low availability of jobs with a living wage to workers.

Rema’s approach to difficult and complicated issues allows clients to view challenges from both an individual and systemic view, and to work through those subjects without making people feel defensive; key for change and growth. Working and learning with people from many backgrounds and disciplines— from students to CEOs and everyone in between— has increased Rema’s understanding of complex issues and diverse perspectives and her ability to devise innovative plans for organizational success. She is doing amazing work and making the world a better place. We would love to chat with you about your specific priorities and how a partnership with Every Student Learning might maximize your organization’s capacity for diversity, and leadership development, or academic success for all students, and more.

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