Business Owners

You are welcome to Veteran Home where one to one exclusive, accurate, and secure leads are generated to develop your home improvement business. The number one priority of this website is to render outright assistance to our courageous veterans who are now unfortunately retired, Jobless, disabled, and homeless. Likewise, we assist veteran contractors obtain a worthy living that will help them sustain their families.

Before the leads generated are dispatched to our contractors, they are first forwarded to our call center agent for a thorough verification process. After which the leads and the contractor information are sent to the verified contractor and homeowners respectively via email and SMS.

For a monthlymembership subscription, a token of $10 P/M and $10 for each lead is charged respectively, which are used to derive premium leads in your local zip codes with the aids of different social media platforms.

This strategy has proved to be the greatest way to generate accurate leads that will skyrocket your business. We also receive an advanced payment of 10 leads at most.

While non-members make a minute payment of $15per lead and10 lead purchase, to partake in the exclusive services we offer.Eventually, all the profits generated will be committed to the materialistic and psychological assistance of our devoted veterans who are in desperate needs.

Not everyone can locate a veteran who is in needsphysically; this is just the exact means to exhibit your natural philanthropic enterprise.